Hello! This is Kate.

I'm a retoucher that focuses on the details. Art evokes change, and details are what make it convincing. My mission is to never let my retouching detract from the overall image.

I do premium retouching in a professional manner. If details are important to you, then you need the quality of your image to help speak its message. My retouching will enhance your photo, and in the process, you'll have a friendly and professional person to collaborate this next step of the project. I'll quickly and seamlessly add my digital work. You'll get JPEGs with any updates or questions. And once everyone is happy, I'll send over full-res layered files along with any other deliverables you might like.

Email me a sample of your project and I'll let you know how I would improve it, how much it'll cost, and when I can get it back to you.

quoteKate was able to not only get the job done but did it with a great deal of skill and professionalism. -Lisa Weaver AAM